Nominate a woman for Australian Honours

Women have been consistently under-represented both as nominees and as appointees to the Order of Australia. Over the past ten years, less than 28% of nominations and around 30% of Awards conferred, were for women, paralleling the under representation of women successfully elected to Councils.  According to recently released statistics, between 2012-2016, 135 Australian Government Awards were given to people involved in local government, either as Councillors or employees; the Awards were as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) or a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). Of those awarded, just 30 were given to women. Awards cannot be given until someone is nominated, so we encourage you to nominate worthy and inspiring women, both in our local government field and elsewhere.

The information below has been forwarded by our committee member Barbara Abley AM, as a guide and encouragement to nominate someone.

Any Australian may nominate any fellow Australian for an award within The Order of Australia.
The nomination and selection process is independent of Government with nomination administration being conducted by the Honours Secretariat of the Governor-General’s staff and selection being made by the independent Council of The Order of Australia.

The most current information and appropriate nomination forms are available from the Its an Honour website on the links below:
Order of Australia Nomination Process and Information

Nomination Form

Further information on Australian Honours and Awards

A Short Informal Guide has been prepared by the Order of Australia Association, and can be downloaded:  here